The laws for drunk driving are getting increasingly stricter, especially in the state of Wisconsin where guidelines for police action are better defined than previously, and the policeman who interact with drunk drivers are now better educated. This means that there is less chance to get away with drunk driving in and around major cities in the state of Wisconsin. Lawyers who deal specifically with laws pertaining to drunk drivers understand the risks involved when dealing with cases involving drinking and driving. In fact, if you happen to be a DUI attorney, it is almost a given that your phone is ringing more often, and on the other end of the phone, the callers are more disconcerted and troubled. One way for you drivers to avoid this phone call is to plan ahead when you know there will be alcohol involved in your social activity.

Pay attention to television, radio, and print media advertisements calling for designated drivers to step up. The idea of a designated driver is that when there is a group that gets together socially, and they are aware that there will be alcoholic beverages being consumed, one of them will abstain and become the designated driver of the group. This one act of wisdom can save lives, and it can also save drivers from having to deal with embarrassing situations with law enforcement officers that may end up in much more serious consequences after being pulled over for felony DUI cases.

How To Avoid DUI Arrest

Aside from a designated driver, there are a few steps that can be taken to avoid driving when you know in advance that you will be drinking. One of those steps can be accomplished by a wise party host. In this scenario, the host of the party will collect car keys as party-goers enter the house or whatever place the party is being given. When it is time for those people to leave, the host or some designated person who has not been drinking would determine whether it was wise to return the car keys. If not, other arrangements for transportation would be arranged, and the owner of the car could return at a future date to pick up his or her vehicle.

Another possible solution to avoid the consequences of driving under the influence is to hire a limo service. You and a number of friends could split the costs so that none of you would have to drive, and all of you would return home safely. Along the same lines, one person could offer their services for a fee. That "designated driver" would not be drinking that night, and each person he drives home would understand in advance that there was a small fee. In exchange for his or her sobriety, the designated driver would at least make a few dollars. Actually, in some areas this is becoming a side business for enterprising entrepreneurs.

Drinking and driving is never been a good combination. In today's society more and more attention is being drawn to this problem, and law enforcement agencies are paying attention to the complaints. It is true not just in Wisconsin, but all across the United States. When you know there will be alcohol in your evening, use wisdom to plan for a safe outcome, one that is free of embarrassing encounters with law enforcement agencies.